Apr 2010

Cold Sun
After Blizzard
Scents of Christmas
Freezing Point
Romance by the Fireplace
Snow Bliss
White Magic
Album Overview:

This acoustic trio album with Yelena Eckemoff on piano, Mads Vinding on double-bass and Peter Erskine on drums, paints sonar pictures of the lingering winter season. Yelena’s original compositions converse with the stunning work of the celebrated Danish bassist and are bolstered by Erskine’s drumming genius. Flawless interplay between these three fantastic musicians beholds mutual understanding and concord on a very deep level.

Press Release:

The new acoustic trio recording Cold Sun features Yelena Eckemoff on piano, Mads Vinding on double bass and Peter Erskine on drums. The session paints sonar pictures of the lingering winter season. Eckemoff s original compositions converse with the incredible work of the celebrated Danish bassist Mads Vinding and are aided by Peter Erskine s drumming brilliance. Flawless interplay between these three fantastic musicians beholds a mutual understanding and concord on an exceedingly deep level. The margins between improvisation and composition in this refined music are almost indistinguishable; the structures are consistently complex, intricate and even epic. The music on Cold Sun flows genuinely and demonstrates not only the compositional talents of Eckemoff, but also the extraordinary interplay between the trio. Uniqueness of this striking music and the unsurpassed mastery of its performance make Cold Sun a stand out on the front row of the finest modern jazz and chamber records out today. --Chris DiGirolamo/Two For the Show Media, June 25, 2010

Quotes from Critics Reviews:
There s ECM music lingering beyond the ECM gates. Perhaps the bleakest picture of winter since Reds, this Russian composer paints her impressionistic portrait as only one afraid of being sent to Siberia can do. A first rate piece of modern, chamber jazz for the sitting down jazz lover. --MIDWEST RECORD, Volume 33/Number 249
"...What stands out most in these wide-open spaces is the tremendous chemistry between the musicians. With Danish bassist Mads Vinding and drummer Peter Erskine two veterans who work with the best jazz company the band communicates in a way that evokes an easy mood and the sounds of nature. The bass becomes the rhythm of feet falling in snow, while cymbals mimic breath or wind, and the piano traces a landscape from runs sloping up and down the keyboard... The line between the melodies themselves and the improvisation is often hard to distinguish, but they're both clearly defined. Individual solos are fairly brief, and the result is that the nuances and personality of each musician shines out at almost any given point, lending tremendous nuance and tenderness. Eckemoff has both the ability to let a moment of silence stretch time between her phrases and the appreciation to let her sidemen ornament the quiet in their own way. Between laying rock solid grooves, Vinding often solos high up on the bass, imparting a sound like a pizzicato cello. And Erskine always seems to be doing something to build the atmosphere, as he drops ephemeral suggestions of time that shape without constraints. Lovers of the great piano trios found on the ECM label (such as those led by pianists Bobo Stenson, Tord Gustavsen, and Marcin Wasilewski) will find a lot to like..."  --Warren Allen, All About Jazz.
 “If Eckemoff demonstrates anything with this enthralling winter-themed album, it lies in her artistry as an inquisitive, slow-paced, and free-of-sentimentality pianist able to express special emotional qualities...”~Frank-John Hadley, Downbeat

“The starkly beautiful photographs on the CD cover give a clear indication of the music within, while the crystal clear production—sound engineer Rich Breen deserves a name check for this—means that each instrument comes across perfectly.

Other reviewers have alluded to the ECM-like qualities of this album, and the comparison has merit: the young Polish pianist Marcin Wasilewski is an obvious point of reference, for example. Eckemoff, who has recorded classical as well as jazz albums, plays with a delicate touch: each note counts, none is wasted. Drummer Peter Erskine and bassist Mads Vinding make an experienced and exceptionally sympathetic team... Erskine and Vinding play with similar delicacy and economy, resisting the temptation to add too much even in their occasional solos or in the more improvised passages. The trio offers a master class in the use of space, of which many younger players would do well to take note... The interplay between the three musicians is fascinating and, like much of this recording, reveals more of itself on each listening.

...Winter might well be the inspiration, but the music on Cold Sun is strangely warm and comforting as well as beautiful.” ~Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz


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